Tubular heat exchanger

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At present, shell and tube heat exchanger is the most widely used heat exchanger. Shell and tube heat exchangers are compact in structure

The transfer strength and metal consumption per unit heat transfer area cannot be related to plate or finned heat exchangers

But it has a wide range of working temperature and pressure, low manufacturing cost, convenient cleaning, large processing capacity and reliable work.

Shell and tube heat exchangers produced by our company include cooler, heater and condenser.

Shell and tube changeover appliances have the following characteristics:

1. Good sealing performance,

2. Eliminate leaks

3. High heat exchange efficiency

4. Easy maintenance

5. Long corrosion life, etc.

The cooler is composed of the following parts (see Figure 1): Transmission principle: transmission of two fluids, namely, transmission of liquids and cold liquids

Flow in the pipeline, called pipeline fluid; Another type of flow outside the pipe is called the shell - in order to raise the flow outside the pipe

Heat transfer coefficient, usually installed in the housing several baffles, the baffles can increase the velocity of the fluid side of the housing, forcing the fluid

The changeover tube can be arranged on the tube plate according to equilateral triangle or square, and equilateral triangle is arranged compact

High turbulivity, high transmission coefficient. Dry clean the outside of the pipe, and suitable for drying easily scaled fluid

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